Subsequent projects

Prof. Dr. Markus U. Mock
University of applied sciences Landshut
Fakult├Ąt Informatik

Prof. Chandra Krintz
University of California, Santa Barbara
Department of Computer Science

Serverless Computing for IoT: from Edge to Cloud and Back

The serverless computing paradigm has quickly gained much interest as a flexible and scalable way of performing storage and compute functions in the cloud without complicated deployment or management of computing infrastructure. Due to bandwidth and latency requirements, bringing this paradigm to the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) does not work out of the box. At the same time, edge computing per se is not a solution as it sets IoT deployments back to managing their computing infrastructure. In this project, we want to explore how to bring serverless computing to IoT deployments that are bandwidth-constrained and latency-sensitive, such as smart farm environments, so that functions as a service become available from the edge to the cloud as seamlessly as possible. To achieve this, we are investigating what language and systems primitives are necessary to build robust IoT data collection and analytics pipelines that can function without the need for operating complex compute infrastructure.


Primary project: Data Analytics of Soil Health Data


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