Subsequent projects

Prof. Dr. Majid Zamani
Technische Universität München
Professur für Hybride Regelungssysteme

Prof. Dr. Murat Arcak
University of California, Berkeley
EECS - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Certifiable Synthesis of Autonomous Systems

This project aims at developing a scalable design methodology, in which the embedded controllers are synthesized for stochastic cyber-physical systems (SCPS) from high-level requirements in a push-button and formal manner. Safety-critical and operation-critical systems such as autonomous transportation and power networks are examples of SCPSs. In SCPSs, spatially distributed physical systems operate in uncertain or noisy environments and interact tightly with distributed computational components through embedded controllers. In order to reduce the design costs of embedded control software and guarantee its correctness, we propose a divide and conquer strategy to scale automated synthesis for SCPSs by combining compositional techniques from computer science (e.g. assume-guarantee rules) with those from control theory (e.g. small-gain and dissipativity type theorems).


Primary project: Automated Synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems: A Passivity-Based Approach


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