Hightech Agenda Bavaria

BaCaTeC supports the Hightech Agenda Bayern of the Bavarian state government with two activities, starting with the deadline April 2020 (and following calls) until further notice:

"Visiting scholarships artificial intelligence" (vsai)

The new funding line enables chairs of authorized institutions in Bavaria to invite speakers from California, who are distinguished in the AI research area, for a talk to their University. This visiting Scholarships artificial intelligence (vsai) program allows to apply for costs for flight, accomodation, stay and appropriate fees at a maximum of 3.000 € per guest.

Application forms [please select application form vsai]

Funding conditions

Temporary BaCaTeC will accept a new kind of proposals in the research area of AI / digitalization, in which the requirement of building a new cooperation is dropped out. So research groups from Bavaria can strengthen their (existing) cooperations with partners from california and invite their partners to a new visit in Bavaria. This is also valid for project proposals and proposals with involved companies (Joined Public-Private Proposals).

Application forms.


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