Wolfgang Hillen Summer School 2024

Prof. Dr. Immanuel Bloch  
Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich
Chair of Experimental Physics
Schellingstr. 4/II
80799 Munich - Germany


Prof. Dr. Barbara Kraus
Techncal University of Munich
Chair of Quantum Algorithms and Applications
James-Franck-Str. 1/I
85748 Garching - Germany


Prof. Dr. Dan Stamper-Kurn
University of California Berkeley
Berkeley Physics
Birge Hall
Berkeley CA 94720, USA


Cal-Bay Quantum School 2024

June 9th - 14th 2024 – Reseqrch Campus Garching

The Cal-Bay Quantum School is an initiative aimed at fostering collaboration and enhancing academic and research ties between the quantum science communities across California and Bavaria. This joint summer school focuses on the cutting-edge fields of quantum computing and quantum simulation. The participating institutions include Caltech, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, Stanford University, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität Munich, Technical University Munich, Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics and Walther-Meißner-Institute. It is also open for other participants from California and Bavaria.

After the success and achievements of the Munich-Berkeley Winter School on Quantum Information Science, held in January 2023 at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, it was decided to expand the program and include further partners, organizing a joint California-Bayern Quantum School. This is planned to be continued as a regular event, taking place once a year with alternating locations between the two regions. The Cal-Bay Quantum School 2024 is supported by the Wolfgang Hillen Summer School Program of the Bavaria California Technology Center; it will be organized at the Research Campus Garching during June 9-14, 2024.

The main objective of the Cal-Bay Quantum School is to deepen and extend existing collaborations between these two regions. By bringing together early career researchers from various universities and research laboratories in California and Bavaria, the school aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and promote cross-disciplinary learning.

The program offers a comprehensive training covering both theoretical and practical aspects of quantum computing and quantum simulation. Leading experts on Quantum Science and Technology from both California and Bavaria will deliver lectures, introducing fundamental principles and concepts, while also delving into cutting-edge research and technological advancements in these fields. Participants can expect to explore topics such as quantum algorithms, quantum computing and quantum simulation with superconducting qubits and ultracold atoms, and other exciting developments. 

The summer school also includes several interactive activities. Group discussions and poster sessions provide a platform for participants to engage in scientific dialogues, exchange innovative ideas, discuss challenges, and explore new avenues of collaboration. Through organized lab tours, the school’s participants will gain insight into the work done by different groups in Munich. In addition to academic and research-focused activities, the Cal-Bay Quantum School also offers various social events and networking opportunities. These different activities aim to strengthen the sense of community and establish long-term partnerships among participants. 

The learning experience of the Cal-Bal Quantum School will also extend beyond its duration. By facilitating research stays before and after the event, the summer school allows PhD students to get to know the academic environment and scientific activities of the host institutions better and gain insights from different perspectives as well as learn from each other. These collaborations might result in joint publications and other scholarly outputs, which can significantly contribute to the students' academic profiles and future career prospects.