Special projects between Bavaria and Florida

Dr. N. Hertkorn

Institute of Ecological Chemistry

Prof. Dr. W. Cooper

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Florida State University

Advanced Characterization of Organic Matter in Oxidized Wastewater: A Molecular Basis for Developing Water Reuse Technologies

Drinking water impurities are often composed of natural organic matter, processed xenobiotic chemicals and ions (e.g. ammonia, nitrate), which are not amenable to target analysis. Currently, bulk parameters like total organic carbon (TOC) and chemical / biological oxygen demand are used to assess drinking water treatment procedures. A molecular description of water impurities is a prerequisite for a targeted optimization of drinking water treatment techniques, like ozonation. The planned collaboration will use high-resolution organic structural spectroscopy [high-field NMR, FTICR mass spectrometry (Fouriertransform ion cyclotron resonance) und UPLC/MS (ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography / mass spectrometry)] to detect and assign thousands of organic molecules and their time dependent concentration during ozonation of waste water effluents. The obtained understanding of organic pollutant degradation mechanisms will aid in the improvement of water treatment techniques.


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