Special projects between Bavaria and Florida

Prof. Dr. A. Rethwilm

Inst. für Virologie und Immunbiologie
Universität Würzburg

Prof. Dr. Ayalew Mergia

Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Florida

HIV Gene Therapy

Within this project the collaborative links between the Mergia-Lab in Gainesville (Florida) and the Rethwilm-Lab in Wuerzburg (Germany) will be strengthened. Both principal investigators have extensive experience in the development and application of vectors based on foamy viruses (FV). The Mergia-Lab is also experienced in the use feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) animal model for HIV infections. It is the aim of this project is to jointly develop strategies and tools for the gene therapy of FIV-infection by virtue of FV-derived vectors applied to the hematopoietic system to combat also the ever-increasing number of drug-resistant HIV strains.




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