Special projects between Bavaria and Georgia

Prof. Dr. U. Heiz

Lehrstuhl für Physikalische Chemie
Technische Universität München

Prof. Dr. U. Landman

School of Physics
Georgia Institute of Technology

Catalysis and Photocatalysis of Nanoscale Clusters for Environmental applications

The planned research focuses on a highly coordinated development, implementation and use of theoretical and experimental methodologies, addressing cluster catalysis and photocatalysis issues pertaining to the creation, characterization, atomic-scale manipulations, control and exploitation of nanometer-scale catalytic and photocatalytic systems. This research program aims at providing a deep understanding of the physical principles underlying and governing the unique catalytic and photocatalytic properties of nanoscale materials to be employed for catalytic combustion of fuels and propellants or the formation of hydrogen from adsorbed water and methanol and the formation of hydrocarbons from H2O and CO2. Furthermore the proposed comprehensive and interdisciplinary plan seeks to establish atomic-scale design principles of individual and integrated nanocatalytic and photocatalytic materials systems of basic significance, and of relevance and potential contributions to sensor technology in public safety related missions, industrial uses, and environmental issues.


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