Special projects between Bavaria and South Carolina

Dr. A. Reller

Institut für Physik
Universität Augsburg

Dr. T. Tritt

Department of Physics & Astronomy
Clemson University

Thermoelectric Materials for Power Generation

Thermoelectric materials obtain to be an emerging technology with a high variety of possible applications. Some of them are already in place like cooling and heating of portable refrigerators and automobile seats. With growing thermoelectric efficiency these materials are also able to get competitive with standard technologies in power generation and cooling. Therefore the scope of this project will be to understand the minerals supply chain for the thermoelectric technology. During this project the criticality of these minerals, based on the supply risk and the impact of supply restriction, will be determined in order to evaluate cost risks, shortage risks, product risks and reputation risks. Deliverables will be an identification of materials critical for the thermoelectric industry with a quantitative projection of the geographical and technical availability.


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