Special projects between Bavaria and South Carolina

Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Wellnitz

Fakultät Maschinenbau
Fachhochschule Ingoldstadt

Prof. Dr. T. Kurfess

Int. Center for Automotive Research 
Clemson University

Impact on blast containment development under light-weight aspects for transportation - cars and armoured vehicles

The design development of light-weight armoured vehicles is more and more important for the automotive industry development. International threat of assassinating bombers and the high demand on bullet resistant structures are driving the scientific research activities. For this reason the usage of modern composite materials for body structures and cars is one important feasible option to fulfil these demands.

The FH Ingolstadt has developed own materials from chain mail and natural stone laminate, the ICAR research centre has provided substantial activities in the field of thin titanium alloys. Behind both activities substantial industrial support is expected after proof of feasibility. The extraordinary testing facilities at ICAR are allowing a unique insight in the capabilities of the new materials.


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