Joined Public-Private Proposals

This funding line is intended to allow companies in Bavaria and California to apply to BaCaTeC for a project-based exchange of scientists by partnering with institutions from Bavaria which are eligible to apply for funding. At present, no more than one company may be involved in each research project. Companies from both Bavaria and California may participate. At least one of the parties involved in the project must come from Bavaria and be eligible to apply for funding and one other project partner must be based in California. The institutions in Bavaria which are eligible to apply are listed here.

Matching principle

Companies submitting a proposal for partial funding by BaCaTeC are expected to contribute at least 50 percent of the total amount required for the project. Up to 10 percent of the company's contribution can be claimed as infrastructure expenses – i.e. 5 percent of the approved funding (= 10% of 50%). The remainder, i.e. 90% of the contribution from the partner company, must be a contribution towards the travel expenses required for the project. The actual amount the partner company is required to contribute is based on the amount of approved funding.

Funding conditions

The contribution made by the company must be disclosed to the office responsible for the budget. This disclosure is required for funding to be granted.

BaCaTeC shall not have any claim to any intellectual property arising as a result of the partnership. The research partners must conclude an agreement with a provision to this effect. This agreement must be submitted when applying for funding.

Initially, the program shall be restricted to the regular funding program offered by BaCaTeC (project-based exchange of scientists) and subject to the same rules and regulations. In particular, this means that only travel expenses can be applied for. If companies are involved, the special application form for public-private proposials should be used. Application forms.


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