Subsequent Funding for Projects Already Funded by BaCaTeC

The aim of this program is to facilitate successfully concluded initiatives already supported by BaCaTeC in expanding and in recruiting other, more extensive funding through third party sponsors. The program aims to aid project partners in further developing germ results of BaCaTeC-supported initiatives into leading joint research collaborations and toward securing concrete means of further development and other financing.

Target Group

All successfully concluded projects formerly supported by BaCaTeC and in need of temporary financing are eligible for funding toward further project development under the stewardship of more comprehensive, third-party funding. The offer applies to all projects to have received funding from BaCaTeC in the five years prior to begin of the subsequent funding from BaCaTeC.

Maximum Funding

Funding proposals should demonstrate concrete plans and may not exceed a maximal sum of 20,000 Euro. BaCaTeC stipulations restricting travel expenses do not apply. In addition to travel expenses, the temporary funding may be applied to material and personnel expenses.

Requirements for Applicant Projects

Selection Criteria

Decisive in the review of applications are the following:

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