Subsequent projects

Prof. Dr. Jonathan Finley
Technische Universität München
Walter Schottky Institut

Prof. Dr. Jelena Vuckovic
Stanford University
Nanoscale and Quantum Photonics Lab

Semiconductor Integrated Quantum Optical Circuits

This project focuses on the further development of integrated semiconductor quantum optical circuits in which quantum dot single photon sources, passive optical elements (cavities, waveguides, beam splitters) and superconducting single photon detectors (SSPDs) are combined on a single semiconductor chip. The participating groups at TUM and Stanford pool their expertise in the development of NbN SSPDs (TUM) and the design and realization of GaAs based photonic nanostructures (Stanford). SSPD technologies offers many advantages including small size, high quantum efficiency, high timing resolution, low dark counts and wide wavelength coverage. The general feasibility of the hybrid NbN/GaAs quantum photonic technologies has been established within the framework of a previous BaCaTeC project and, in the framework of the present project, moves onto a second phase in which the partners attempt to deterministically generate quantum states of light on a chip.


Primary project: Semiconductor Integrated Quantum Optical Circuits


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