Subsequent projects

Dr. Michael Kaniber
Technische Universität München
Walter Schottky Institut

Prof. Dr. Jelena Vuckovic
Stanford University
Ginzton Laboratory

Novel schemes for non-classical light generation using quantum dots coupled to plasmonic antennas

In the initial project, we established a novel nanophotonic platform consisting of quantum dots coupled to nanoplasmonic antennas – a platform with promising potential due to its broadband capability and strong enhancement of the light-matter interaction. In this project sequel, we will investigate the potential of this platform for novel photonic quantum technologies, in particular as a source of non-classical light, which is of paramount importance for e.g. quantum communication, quantum sensing and quantum information processing. To these ends, we will continue to combine the complimentary expertise of the two groups. Specifically, we will further optimize the growth of our quantum dots and nanofabrication of different types of nanoplasmonic antennas (WSI) as well as perform quantum optical simulations (Stanford) and experiments (WSI&Stanford).


Primary project: Light-matter interaction in novel semiconductor based plasmonic nanosystems


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