Subsequent projects

Dr. Hubert Krenner
University of Augsburg
Lehrstuhl für Experimentalphysik I

Prof. Ludwig Bartels
University of California, Riverside
Chemistry Department

Scalable fabrication of non-polarizing hybrid MoS2-SiO2 photonic crystal nanocavities for cavity enhanced valleytronics

During the final stage of our initial BaCaTeC project, we established the design and fabrication of novel hybrid MoS2-SiO2 photonic crystal nanocavities. Our devices also amplify the light emission from the optically active 2D semiconductor due to dramatic enhancement of the light-matter interaction. Our approach offers two unique advantages over alternative implementations:

Our Subsequent Funding project is guided by the vision to jointly realize ultimately-scaled quantum photonic devices on this platform using fully scalable fabrication methods. Here, we can build on our newly established joint expertise: growth of 2D semiconductors, for instance MoS2 or WSe2, will be conducted at UC Riverside. The design and cleanroom fabrication of the hybrid photonic device, as well as the optical experiments will be performed at Universität Augsburg.


Primary project: Synthesis, spectroscopy and acousto-electric control of few- and monolayer MoS2 on LiNbO3


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