Subsequent projects

Prof. Dr. Tom Nilges
Technische Universität München
Lehrstuhl für Chemie - Synthese und Charakterisierung innovativer Materialien

Prof. Dr. Chongwu Zhou
University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Electrical Engineering - Nanoloab

Anisotropic 2D and 1D materials

This project deals with the synthesis, characterization, and device fabrication of new 2D and 1D pnicogen-based semiconductor materials. The aim is to use such low-dimensional compounds in sensors, light detectors or field effect transistors (together with Prof. Chongwu Zhou), as well as for water splitting purposes. Our focus will be set towards few-layer devices composed by group 15 elements (including doped materials) and the new class of double helical SnIP-based compounds. It is planned to investigate defined 1D semiconductors like SnIP which show intriguing semiconductor and mechanical properties (Nilges et al. Adv. Mater (2016), 28, 9783–9791.), heading towards flexible semiconductor applications. We intend to fabricate thin-layer devices of nano-particular particles with 1D structures, in order to transfer our knowledge on 2D materials to this class of materials with reduced dimensionality. Due to the suitable electronic structure of the 1D semiconductors (band gap, stability in solvents, and flexibility of MXPn phases with M = group 14, X = group 17 and Pn = group 15 elements) and the chirality of single double helices we expect unforeseen optical and electrical response for such compounds and devices. In collaboration with Prof. Boniface Fokwa, UC Riverside, we intend to prepare thin-film devices of 1D semiconductors for water splitting purposes.


Primary project: Anisotropic 2D Materials – Synthesis, characterization and optimization


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