Subsequent projects

Prof. Dr. Katia Parodi
Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich
Fakultät für Physik - Experimentalphysik/Medizinische Physik

Dr. Andreas Zoglauer
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley Institute for Data Science

Further development of MEGAlib’s application in the medical imaging field: introducing advanced artificial intelligence algorithms for event reconstruction and dose verification during particle beam radiotherapy

This project will promote the further development of the Medium-Energy Gamma-ray Astronomy library (MEGAlib, toolkit capabilities in the medical imaging field, to support the hardware development and optimization of prototype imaging systems at LMU. To this end, this project aims at integrating more advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms into MEGAlib to precisely determine the type of experimental signals acquired using the LMU novel imaging scanners being developed in two major ERC-funded projects ( and Moreover, various correction approaches needed for reliable Compton reconstruction, e.g., for attenuation, scattering, and geometrical efficiency, will be investigated and implemented into the MEGAlib image reconstruction tool. Finally, we will continue the development of a novel AI algorithm able to predict dose distributions using the prompt gamma and annihilation photons detectable with the abovementioned imaging prototypes during therapeutic ion beam irradiation. Therefore, this project will provide valuable support to the development of innovative imaging systems for proton and light ion beam range verification.


Primary project: Development of the MEGAlib Simulation Toolkit for Medical Imaging Applications


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