Subsequent projects

Prof. Dr. Marco Pruckner
Julius-Maximilians-University of W├╝rzburg
Modeling and Simulation Lab

Dr. Timothy Lipman
University of California, Berkeley
Transportation Sustainability Research Center

Analyzing the Potential of Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charging Strategies Based on Real-World Data

The increasing number of electric vehicles in global vehicle markets is presenting challenges for regional power grids, especially when vehicles are charged at home in the evening hours. Smart charging algorithms help use electric vehicles' flexibility potential by shifting the charging process to hours with a higher share of renewables in the energy mix. In this project, we are planning to evaluate the potential of bidirectional charging and vehicle-2-grid applications. The idea is to assess the potential of shifting energy between time and space and to leverage vehicle-2-grid for critical backup power applications at local and regional levels. We will utilize data of a UC Berkeley project and develop optimization and simulation models. Results will show the value of bidirectional charging strategies and novel price signals developed by partners of the UC Berkeley and potentials for further ancillary services, such as frequency control.


Primary project: Data-driven Charging Strategies for Electric Vehicle Grid Integration


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