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Munich Summer School of Applied Sciences 2010

July 12 - August 13, 2010, Hochschule München (University of Applied Sciences - Munich)

for advanced Bachelor students of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Business Administration.

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The following courses will be offered:

  1. German Language and Culture
  2. Automotive Mechatronics
  3. Design of Lightweight Structures
  4. International Management
  5. Innovation& Entrepreneurship for Green Technology

All courses will be taught in English by multinational teams of two or three professors. The Summer School runs for 5 weeks. During the first week, our international students will attend an intensive German language and culture course. Students will continue these studies part-time throughout the program. 2nd and 3rd week, students have the choice between the coursesAutomotive Mechatronics and International Management. 4th  and 5th  week, the courses Design of Lightweight Structures andInnovation & Entrepreneurhip for Green Technology will be taught. The engineering and business courses will integrate green issues with a focus on sustainability. All courses end with a final examination.

40 student-professor contact hours will be covered for all engineering and business courses including laboratory experiments and demonstrations at Munich University of Applied Sciences. Thus, it is equivalent to 3 US-credits or 4 ECTS-credits. For the German language and culture course, 49 contact hours will be covered which is also equivalent to 3 US-credits or 4 ECTS-credits.

The academic program will be accompanied by a variety of cultural and social activities. A guided Munich tour, a trip to Herrenchiemsee New Palace, field trips to BMW, Audi, the “White Rose Memorial Site” and Dachau Concentration Camp will be offered as well as receptions and festivities. Students will be accomodated in a city hostel.

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Final report

The BaCaTeC Summer School 2010 took place from 12 July to 13 August 2010 at the Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS). It was a five-week programme for advanced students in the fields of engineering and business administration. The summer school has been supported by the Bavaria California Technology Center (BaCaTeC) which promotes the cooperation between universities and research institutes of Bavaria and California.

The programme opened with a one-week intensive “German language and culture” course. During the following four weeks, the modules “Automotive Mechatronics”, “International Management”, “Design of Lightweight Structures” and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship for green technologies” were offered. Furthermore, the German language and culture class continued throughout the programme on an hourly basis. The engineering and business modules were taught in English by lecturers from MUAS, our partner university California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly) and lecturers from other american universities in a tandem or a trio. After the successful completion of the exams on the last day of lectures, 4 ECTS or 3 US-Credits were assigned for each module to all participating students.

24 international and 10 national students participated in the summer school; among the international students were 14 from our partner University Cal Poly, 4 more from the United States (Pennsylvania State University, Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering, Binghamton University) and one from China, India, Mexico, Greece, Spain and Egypt each. The summer school was planned and organised by MUAS in close cooperation with the California Polytechnic State University.

Besides the academic programme, a broad and attractive cultural programme was offered. It included a plant tour at BMW, guided tours of the Allianz-Arena and Deutsches Museum, a visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, a tour of Munich by bike and an excursion to the palace Herrenchiemsee located in the lake Chiemsee. Additionally, students of the“German language and culture” class had the opportunity to talk to a survivor of the Third Reich resistance group “White Rose” and visited the Representation of the European Commission in Munich.

The oral and written feedback at the end of the programme was extremely positive. The vast majority of students were very satisfied with the lectures, the cultural programme and the support they received during their stay here in Munich. The participation in the summer school motivated a lot of them to plan the return to Munich for an internship or a master’s programme in the future.

Encouraged by the success of the summer school over the past years MUAS will continue the advancement of the programme. In 2011 the content of the summer school courses will focus even more on sustainability and green technology topics. The engineering classes will be extended by a course in renewable energies and the business class “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” will focus on entrepreneurial know-how in the green sector.

Munich Summer School of Applied Sciences 2010


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